Attention NJ, NY, and PA opponauts! 5 Days Away! Sunday, November 17. Time: 12:30PM First part will be a cruise at the Hawks Nest in Port Jervis, NY. From there we will take a short drive back down to High Point State Park. This park seems to be better suited for having the bbq. park link:…

im hoping the weather holds out. Suppose to warm up a bit, however an increased chance of rain is developing.... Unless its a monsoon, this meet will run.

Potential start meet-up location: Shoprite in Montague. on rt 23.…

Big parkinglot, and close to the cruise location.

Im about to give up trying to call the park, as no one is answering at all. Im not changing plans, and were going to have the bbq there. HOWEVER, they are open, and there is no fee to get in this time of year. Just be on good behaivor and dont be rev happy, thats what the cruise is for =)


Park closes at 4:30PM. So we should definitely try to keep to an afternoon start in order to maximize the day for everyone. However, we could leave the park and go back for a cruise afterwards if anyone showed up late and misses the first cruise. Keeping options open. Maybe cruise to get ice cream? haha whatever you guys want.

Also, the park doesnt allow alcohol, so leave your keggers at home. Also, it would be frowned upon as we are driving anyways.


the list so far...

Yes (interested)

-Sean Bartlett
-pilaf (ill take 'probably' as a yes haha)
-Aaron Brown
-Mathias Rios
-Tiny Toy Viper


The 'Maybe' Pile...

-Stratos HF


BRING FOOD and drinks so we can have plenty to share.

the list does not include extra people anyone may bring along. Since a few of you said you might bring a few other people. Please do! More is good!


If you are bringing more people, let me know as i will need to start getting an estimate to how many burgers and hot dogs ill need to buy...

It would be awesome if everyone could bring maybe 1 item (soda, water, plates, chips, napkins, etc, anything else youd want to have). That way we will have enough food. Ill also cook whatever you bring. (but obviosly im limited to cooking on a grill.. so dont go crazy and bring live lobster)


Comment? Questions? Concerns? Input is appreciated.