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Trickle-Down Caronomics?

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I was on my way home from work and ended up at a stop light behind a Domino’s delivery car, which happened to be an E39 540i in fantastic condition (pre-2001, based on the tail lights and no DRL). This is most likely not a car handed down to a 17 year old, but one that has been purchased (judging by the look of the driver) It got me thinking about Top Gear challenges, and how despite everyone’s fear concerning the electronics in modern cars, and their long-term reliability, I have been seeing significant cars from well over 12 or 15 years ago still on the road, and in fantastic condition. I don’t remember looking around in the mid 2000’s seeing performance cars from the late 80’s and early 90’s this frequently. Does this mean that the automobile is becoming so reliable that they are trickling down more effectively than the dollar: better than Reagan could have ever dreamed of? Does this mean the plethora of sports cars made in the last 20 years plus the increased efficiency will lead to one really fantastic hoorah before electric cars: wherein speed and quality becomes evermore accessible to every enthusiast? Just food for thought


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