Decided that I’ve finished fixing the stuff on my E46 wagon, and realistically I’m not going to be driving it when I also have my 2018 Outback for wagony duties. So I put it up for sale.

I paid $500 for it, and have put just under $1700 in parts into it. It’s a solid car at this point, has some cosmetic issues and a leaky oil pan gasket, but neither of those effect it’s ability as a driver.

So, knowing that $2k is a mental barrier for people, I’ve put it up for $1990. I’ll lose some cash, but don’t really care, I’ve had my fun with it and it’s taught me a lot. However, now I”m dealing with the flakes.


1. “Is this still for sale” emails, literally minutes after posting the ad. If it wasn’t, then it wouldn’t be listed. Even if it is sold, why waste everyone’s time, just ask whatever questions you have.

2. “Will you take $X for it?” Not sure with these if the person sending the email is a moron, or if they hope that I am. You haven’t seen anything, how can you negotiate on it? Even so, why would I negotatiate a lower price before you come by? You’re just going to try to go lower at that point.

3. “How many miles are on it?” Did you look at the ad, it’s listed at the top, in the description, and the pic of the gauge cluster. Come on man, put some effort in.

4. “Is it a manual?” Pictures. Listing. How did you even manage to dress yourself this morning?


5. “What does it need?” Maybe read the ad. It says right in it what it needs.

6. “Has it had X done?” Reading is FUNdamental.

Ugh. I hate selling cars. I put in the ad that I’d consider trades for a 4Runner, or something interesting. Kinda disappointed with the range of interesting suggestions so far. Maybe I should keep black beauty.


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