Tried de-greasing the Civic's engine...

I’m not sure whether it was successful or not. Used almost an entire can of Gunk engine cleaner. Followed the instructions on it. I’ve been trying to diagnose an oil leak that seems to have gotten worse lately. Earlier in the week I replaced the cam seal. It doesn’t appear to have leaked since then, but after the cleaning process, there still seemed to be some smoke coming from behind the catalytic converter, which covers the front side of the engine block. It may have been the Gunk cleaner vaporizing, but I’m wondering if it’s actually the oil pan seal. It seems like the layer of oiliness around the oil pan and downwind from it (exhaust hanger, sub-frame mount) has been getting progressively worse. It was thick enough that I was scraping (not brushing or spraying) it off.

When Mrs. BaconSandwich got home with the kids, she said the house smelled like de-greaser.  Her exact words: “No offense, but you stink.”. 


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