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Tried my first-ever own oil change yesterday evening!

All seems well - took the car for a drive afterward and left a piece of cardboard under it overnight and so far, no leaks from the filter or drain plug! :)

Only issue was I only have a strap wrench to get the filter off and the filter says to put it on hand-tight and then turn it another 3/4 of a turn. I put it on as tight as I could by hand but as I had got a little oil on the outside of the filter as I was installing it, I could only get my strap wrench to grip well enough to give it another 1/4 of a turn past that...? Think it’ll be OK? I don’t want it coming loose and dumping all my engine blood out while I’m on the road...

I also managed to spill a little oil on the asphalt driveway despite having cardboard laying under the car, which mom is none to pleased about as I’ve heard oil stains on asphalt are a B**** to get out...anyone have any experience lifting oil stains from a driveway? We don’t have a pressure washer and our hose won’t reach to where I made the mess...I tried the ‘dish soap/scrub hard with a stiff bristle brush/rinse away’ trick last night but as the dew hasn’t dried off from overnight yet, the driveway is still damp and I can’t tell if it made any difference...

Some shots from in progress...


Also, no doubt about the model code for my car (MC)...found this stamped on an engine mount underneath! :D

Accent Trivia Oppo Pop Quiz - 1000 internet points to whoever knows what the JB means! I know, do you? :P

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