Tried my hand at some (very) basic video editing.

***RE-POST for the morning crowd. :) ***

Take a gander if you’d like something vaguely crappy yet calming to watch this evening - my skills aren’t the best, haha!

This was taken from my dashcam on Thursday morning on my morning commute to one of the places I work. The video starts in the middle of Pleasant Street in Mahone Bay and takes you along Highway 103 from Exit 10 to Exit 6, then through Hubbards and along the Atlantic coast ending in Mill Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The sun was JUST about to break the horizon when I left around 7:00am (though it was very bright already) and did so as I was on my way. It was a very peaceful, somewhat cool and beautiful Fall morning drive - you can still see the dew on my car at the start of the video. Mostly highway, so I sped those sections up by 3X and kept the more interesting sections at normal speed. Added some not overly energetic tunes as well to keep things mostly mellow. My dashcam DOES have a mic, but it’s not the strongest, so excuse the lack of in-car audio (other than maybe hearing me cough once or twice in the background) other than the music.

(P.S. - the pause in music after the first song is deliberate, so don’t think there is only one song and stop there! :) )

Enjoy! :)

I was bored this evening and it was mostly created as a way to practice and teach me a bit more about using my preferred video editing suite, i.e. the free and open-source Shotcut. Excuse the crappy editing and crappy everything else, but I hope you all find it entertaining for a few minutes!


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