So, the bearings inside the Eaton M62 Supercharger on my Xterra are shot, and I recently bought a rebuild kit to rebuild it. Turns out the pulley isn’t coming off in one piece, so it’s getting a reduction pulley! I’m going down from 2.64" to 2.4", the smallest pulley you can safely run without upgrading a bunch of other stuff. So the supercharger went back on the engine without being rebuilt, until the new pulley comes.

But while it was off, there were a bunch of other things we needed to take care of. The knock sensor had to be changed, which requires removal of the entire intake system anyways. Both valve cover gaskets leaked, which also required the removal of the intake anyways, and the valve covers got painted Chevy Blue, because we had some high heat stuff left over from a recent Chev 230 rebuild. The Xterra does not have a pretty engine bay. Then again, the VG33 isn’t a pretty engine to begin with. When the pulley gets here next week we’ll try again.