Trimming Overhead

Alright, I know what you’re going to say: “Mercedes indecisive about a phone? Who knew!!” Well...uh...crap...uh, you’re totally wrong!

When I used to live in my house, it was easy to take on more bills because the rent was cheap, I only had three smarts, and I didn’t really care if the house didn’t have furniture.


Well since moving out, my rent has gone up and I’ve taken on two new sorta hefty and unavoidable bills. That means I have to trim overhead elsewhere! I’ve already arranged per-mile insurance for the fleet. I’m not paying any more for the four than I would pay for one with traditional insurance.

Next is my phone bill. When I was depressed, I tried to find happiness in stupid things. That means I signed up for a contract at Sprint. Eww. And while I love this iPhone 8 Plus, I admit that I’ve grown to love Android’s lack of a “walled garden”. I miss my easily whipped up custom ringtones, using my phone as a flash drive, and so on.

So, I’m paying the early termination (surprisingly cheap!!!) and am getting myself back to either Straight Talk or trying Mint SIM. I have no idea what made me lock myself into a contact in the first place. Going to Mint will reduce my monthly by $100 while ST will be something like $70+. And I know ST works well so long as you onboard a good unlocked phone.

And what phone am I doing this with? I sold off some more of my tech collectibles for this bad boy:


This is the Xiaomi Mix 2. I’ve always wanted the first generation of this phone. It had flagship specs with a build that not even all flagships have with a ceramic back and tiny bezels. However, the lack of full US band support left me feeling disappointed and steered me towards Huawei’s Honor brand.

The second generation says “I got you, fam.” And does away with the first gen’s downsides and limitations.


The only thing I don’t “like” about this phone is the lack of water resistance. However honestly water resistance has never been an issue for me. Actually, it’s sort of a nuisance for me because to dip my phone in water, I’d have to take it out of the case. It’s a feature that’s nice to have, but absolutely doesn’t matter. Even worse is that my anxiety had me freaking out about the chances of the phones leaking.

So fine, you Android lovers win, I’m coming back!

Fun fact: After giving back the iPhone to Sprint (yay device rental), my Apple products will be down to some iPods and my 10 year old MacBook.


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