Trip conclusion:

What I learnt in this trip is that I always need to be open to new things, and to understand other cities exist outside Mexico City. It was mostly a reminder that there’s a whole nation out there that I often don’t understand, and that no matter how much I read, or research I will never understand fully.

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When my president criticized someone for “not being hood enough” I think he did have a point afteral.

I guess that my entire trip was me questioning what Federalism really means in this country, can people define themselves even with a central government? or do they need their own government to define them, even at a lower level?


I don’t know... I just know that the division of powers is a lot more clear in states; and municipal governments have a huge effect on the people they serve. The feds seem far away no matter how dire the consequences of their existence is. So I need to understand it, specially when I think about politics here.

I also learnt that American drivers (with all due respect) don’t know how to drive in this country. Specially truck drivers. Not because they’re bad, but because this country doesn’t really have a driving law.

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