It’s been over 11 years together with this thing, why wait to start a midlife crisis when you can start at 19? I wish I still had the listing photo, but these pictures and a once over by a family friend in the area was all the information I had when buying the Lancia back in 2007, I mailed a deposit for him to hold it until we picked it up less than a month later. It ended up okay but it seems crazy now.

My friend’s wife was quoted as saying “why would anyone want a silly little car like that.” But she also didn’t understand his love for a little yellow 124 Spider.

It’s weird seeing the paint in such great condition and I feel horrible for letting it deteriorate under my care, it is in better mechanical shape than when we got it, however, so there’s that. At least the A/C and clock work, right?

“I will send the pictures in 2 emails so they have a better chance of going
through. Below is what I saw, overall it reminds me a lot of the 124, it is
a nice summer car.

All electrical seemed OK, one tail & backup light seemed to have a bad
A/C & clock doesn’t work
All glass looks fine and windows roll up (manual)
All heater, etc. controls work
If it sits for 3 weeks he said hard starting and hydraulic clutch will grab
for awhile
Light rust on upper left door, fixed but more noticeable rust on bottom of
right door (in picture 166)
Car touched up but done very well
Rear-end needs alignment
He doesn’t have original exhaust or smog pump
All original bushings but feels fine, he did machine new aluminum bushings
for the shifter and it was great
No major oil leaks (pic 159)
He uses only premium BP/Amoco or Mobil gas!
Replumbed the cooling/brake lines
Interior very good, radio works (not original) trunk area looks new (pic

More coming”


“The rest of the pictures. I would say that Dan is very honest and he will
tell you if something is wrong. I think his wife wants to sell the car not
him! It is a nice 1977 car and probably as reliable as one would be. The car
drove fine and was pretty tight, few rattles for a car with 49k miles. He is
pretty anal, as seen by the gas he uses, the touch up he did was very good
and a little rubbing and I think it will blend even better. I don’t know if
he has changed the timing belts or anything else in the engine department,
it ran well. Tires OK, I would say there is very little you need to do to
have a nice driver. The lack of original exhaust (but the new exhaust is
sweet) and smog pump may be an issue in Colorado, no one cares in Florida.

Are you sure you don’t want to buy a great yellow Fiat? Really!”