We’re doing a lot of house clean up this weekend, going through old junk, and I came across my pilot logbook. I had forgotten, but my first flight and first solo were in the same airplane - N392ES, a Cessna 172R, pictured below (not my pictures).

It didn’t have wheel pants back then, because training aircraft
I think this was taken at LaGuardia - not my photo

My first solo was November 30, 1999 - a heck of a long time ago. I’m sure there’s a photo of me with the plane taken that day somewhere (it’s basically an FAA reg to take one :)), but who knows where it is.

Sadly, someone tried to land it long on a 1,700' turf runway in 2013, and damaged it ‘substantially’ according to the NTSB. The 3rd time often isn’t a charm when you’re trying to land. I don’t know if it’s airworthy now or not.

Bonus C172R:

I passed my private pilot checkride in this airplane. It was nervewracking — the DPE was a 777 captain for United, and a great guy (RIP Allan Englehardt)


Oshkosh has given me the itch again— one of these days, I need to get up in the air again...