Trip Prep: Going OK

Our big Big Bend trip approaches! Luckily most of the prep is going pretty well! My pre-trip anxiety is... better... after talking with a couple friends. Trying not to let my fear of the unknown get the best of me.

(I did make a post about that, but deleted it as it just sounded stupid all typed out.)


As far as the car goes, we’re in good shape. The Land Rover is off jack stands and back on the road. The parking brake works (though needs some additional adjusting), the window seals, the diff locks lock, and it just got an oil change and tire rotation.

My nav phone and regular phone both have offline maps downloaded and the trail maps uploaded. The Garmin is getting an update now, so hopefully it will stop sending me places that closed years ago. (My fault... mostly)

Still to do I need to sort out the music and porn situation, making sure I have plenty of each downloaded to my phone and computer. I also need to burn one or two new CDs for the Land Rover’s changer (yes... I know... I am an old) and try out my new bluetooth transmitter.


The 2-way radios need a charge and function check, but otherwise should be good to go.

I still need to replace a fuse in the 12V splitter and get everything wired in, but I have plenty of time to make that happen.


I have a list of the recovery gear and tools I/ we want to bring and I know where most of that is, so no (mostly) no worries there... though I did last minute order a new flashlight, JIC.

The cars that aren’t coming are all good to go. Just need to move the Volvo into the driveway when I leave. The other four a safely tucked away in the garage or courtyard.


On the more domestic front I need to do laundry, pack, and finish wrapping presents. Also maybe give the dogs a bath.

So yeah... I think I’ll throw in a load of wash and have some couch time.

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