I have the car as ready as it’s going to be. My brother and I will

  • Depart Saskatoon Wednesday morning.
  • Arrive in Edmonton in the afternoon, and stay the night.
  • Depart Edmonton Thursday morning.
  • Stop for lunch in Jasper.
  • Arrive in Kamloops at night.
  • Depart Kamloops Friday.
  • Arrive in “Vancouver Area” ( haven`t decided on which area we`ll be staying). Spend the rest of Friday doing whatever.
  • PNW cruise on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Stay in Vancouver Monday, doing touristy things maybe.
  • Depart Vancouver on Tuesday, with a yet undecided over-night stop.
  • Depart on Wednesday for over-night stay in Lethbridge.
  • Depart Lethbridge on Thursday.
  • Undecided on exact route to Saskatoon.

If any Oppos living along the way (or near enough to deviate off route) want to meet up I can be contacted by email kinja.longtime.lurker@gmail.com. I know this doesn’t leave much time for planning)

EXPLOSION PROOF, new ignition coil.
Big empty trunk
Checked the spare tire.

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