I woke up Saturday morning to expecting to buy a bright blue 1999 Ford Ranger step side. I was going to call him “Blue Stu”, paying homage to my beloved 1987 Ranger called “Tan Stan”. Stu had been on the dealer lot for just under six months...It sold, 2 days before I could go and see it! That is the 3rd time that has happened during my search! I was ready to call it quits when my father reminded me of a truck that I had passed on previously because it had the 3.0 V6, and I was sure I had to have the 4.0. Then I drove a 4.0 and decided I didn’t need the very minimal increase in power. So I went to look at a bright red 2001 Ranger super cab.

Oppo, meet “Red Ted” or “Red Rocket Ted” as my buddy has dubbed him haha. Ted is a RWD Ranger, with a measly 62000 miles clocked and not a blemish on him! I gotta tell you guys, it is really difficult to find a “clean” used pickup truck. The interior needs a little help. The center console needs to be replaced and it’s got some trash “Ebay” shift knob that comes off in my hand every few miles.

Lucky for me, Ranger parts are cheap. I ordered a new factory shift knob, a shifter rebuild kit, a bunch of electronics to hard wire a camera/phone charger, and two door lock actuators for less than $70! In addition I dug up my old two-way remote start/key-less entry/security system, cleaned up the harness, and tested it to make sure it still worked, and it does! So I will effectively add power locks for less than $10. I’m also throwing in an Alpine double din CarPlay unit. So I should have a “modern” truck in a few weeks. I’m so pumped to work on it!


I have plans to add the remote start as well, but the truck, annoyingly requires a transponder key. The Truck only came with one, and I need two more. It will have been a long time since I have had a manual car with a remote start...I have a neutral “safety switch” Idea, but I’m not sure it will work. When I had it on my STi, I was just careful to leave it in neutral or not use the remote start.

Funny story, when I installed this stuff for a living, a co worker had a remote start on his 3 pedal lancer. He left it in gear one day by accident, remote started it when he was in the building (I was outside)..annnd I watched his car run itself into the wall 3 times as that is how many times the remote start will try to start before it quits!


Also, we brought home 3 chickens and 2 ducks on Friday. So between them and the pickup, I’m basically a farmer now.


Happy Monday!