Tristan bait

Also known as “car-shopping with AIM”. Yeah yeah, I know. But look at these options!

Super clean 850 sedan for a good price. I love Volvo sedans almost as much as Volvo wagons...


Sweet baby Jesus this is a real unicorn. I don’t think I’ve actually seen any AWD manual 850's?hey Sovande, any info on this? Look how clean that interior is....

Building my own camper is high on the list of automotive dreams. The only question is would I go more the overland build route, or the hipster photographer build route...


$3200 for an M edition Miata with tons of new OEM parts, service history, and a clean body? I’m tempted to buy this, list it for a more reasonable $6k or so and make a tidy profit. The problem with that is I know I’d 100% keep it


300hp, awd, manual, rhd, hatchback with crazy hood vents? Need I say more?

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