Triumph and Stress Rolled Into 1

I hired 2 lawyers yesterday. My whole team says we need the help, but it is really scary to make this financial commitment. Payroll comes due no matter what I do, and that number has gone up a crazy amoubt in the last month due to raises and new hires. I better be sizing this up right.

I know everybody thinks the boss is the bad guy, but this is not the case. I feel a lot of responsibility toward people that I hire. My stress is not what happens to me if this doesn’t work out - it is that I feel about obligation to provide them good jobs.


On a better note, a Sunchaser Oppo trip is being planned! The ‘chaser needs smog, so who better than HisStigness for the job? I need some used desks, so I will run through the Central Coast in an attempt to drag CaptDale along with me. (Plus I can see my mom).

Perhaps other Oppos will emerge and make it a thing of some sort. You SoCal Oppos are a friendly bunch, so it would not surprise me at all.

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