I cant make mind up on what will be the replacement for the SV

On one hand, Triumphs Street Triple R

765cc of sweet sweet british triple music. 118 HP, switchable ABS and TCS, brembos, TFT gauges... and 50MPG to boot

BUT its British bike, which means electronics scare me. not to mention its a 15K bike (13K list, + tax and everything)

and then THIS exists:

Kawasakis Z1000. Its the last year for this 4 cylinder monster, but its still as mean as ever. 1048cc, 127 WHEEL HP (~150 crank), and looks that will have megatron asking for a resume.

I test rode one of these when this generation first came out. Smooth as silk and that motor is a god dam warp-drive. Paint is pretty neat too. and i see them sitting on dealer lots for 10K out the door.

problems: not as many electronic goodies. ABS isnt switchable, and there is NO tcs or wheelie control. its got at least 50lbs on the Brit, and its a bit thirstier on gas and tires too.

Bike will be used for commuting, posing at work and by the water front, and hooligan hood-rat shit cruising with friends late at night on the highways
Cant make up mind. HELP.