Majorly disappointing.

I didn't compare the 4runner or Tundra pricing, but the difference between a top spec TRD 4 door Tacoma with the auto and the TRD pro Tacoma similarly equipped is $4190. ($34,110 Vs $38,300)

Better tires (same size as TRD), a front end lift, better dampers a skid plat and some cosmetics. Worth $4190? hell nay.

Given that the EXACT same suspension kit is on the TRD Catalog for ~$1500? Dayum. So, figure $1500 for the suspension, $1500 for some real tires (285/75r16)...that leaves you with ~$1200 to spend on skid plates and armor...and thats assuming you spent the extra on the TRD package instead of a base model, which would save you ANOTHER $3000.


Balsy Toyota, Balsy.