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Tropical Stormings

Got kicked around by Isaias yesterday morning. Some sizable maple branches on the roof and deck, but nothing more than some dented gutters and lots of firewood for the fall fire pits. The cars parked in the front of the house only got hit by some leaves.

( I love the ‘Maple Shade’ but damn they are useless, overgrown weak saplings that grow every which way and snap off limbs easily.)


My 80v chainsaw rocks...I cleared half the block of branches/trees up to 8" in diameter and still had 1/3 battery left.

However, lots of power outages, and it looks like ours won’t be restored until at least Saturday, as we have three sections of wires down between us and the main feeder poles. The closest wreckage is a pine tree that took down the wires to a transformer.....the tree is still mangled in the wires.


Anyway, the fiber never went down so I was online most of the time. My biggest problem now is the dirty power my generator puts out once it’s over 25% capacity (it’s clear of 60% now as I begin to add more load). My UPS’s constantly flick back and forth and drain within an hour. My line conditioners are not helping like they did on my old generator. I’ve had to bypass the UPS units to keep my PC going for work. Not worried about the laptops, but my desktop......

Based on the high prices of portable inverter generators and smart UPS’s, I’ve decided to just look at a whole house natural-gas auto-transfer unit. The 11kW models have come down in price since I last looked.


Any Oppos have good generator experience? A whole-house (mains) transfer switch or do the individual 16 breakers?

Stay safe.

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And a car.

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