Truck autocrossing videos!

First up is my 4th run, feat. JayhawkJake. I kept forgetting about that first cone due to concentrating on getting the car moving, and kept cutting it off. Five seconds before this video I was reminded not to do that. I did it. Hilarity. The owner said to shift to 1st in the corners, which turned out to be a bad idea and rev-limiter'd the shit out of the engine. The turnaround is slow enough that downshifting is something needed, but my foot slipped off the clutch (or I just forgot entirely) and I ground into 1st a bit. I tried slamming it into 2nd again and turning at the same time and ended up doing some wheel hops rather violently, then a lot of tire screeching and back to the finish line. Jacob was scarred for life, and will likely never set foot in a small japanese truck again.

Full transcript of everything said follows the video, because I was bored and wanted to type it out.

Me: There

Jacob: You just skipped it again


Jacob: Oh my god. I don't know how you do that.

Jacob: Well it does roll less than the Buick....

*Truck violently changes direction*

Jacob: Nope. That's a lie. I was wrong.

Me: Not first gear. First gear was a bad idea. Let's not do that again.

Jacob: *laughing*


*enter chicane*

Jacob: There ya go...

Me: *tries to shift*

Transmission: OW YOU BASTARD

Me: Oh

Jacob: *laughing at me*

*more laughter*

Me: Go go go GO GO! COME ON TRUCK!

Jacob: Whelp. I dunno how you did it, but that was somehow more terrifying than the MurderSofa. You should get a trophy for "Most ridiculous autocross ever"

Me: I got air. In a truck. On flat ground. Where is my award?

Jacob: That's terrifying.

Me: Where is it?!!


And next up is my 5th run, which was my fastest. Never went much over 50% throttle to avoid spinning the rear tires (open diff lol) and this was way faster than my other runs where I drove like a bat out of hell.

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