Truck Gets Stuck in Cemetery


How does this even happen?

Earlier this month, authorities in Kaufman County, TX received a call reporting vandalism at a nearby cemetery.


The full story is still pending investigation, but according to one local report, a man had allegedly taken his son Pokémon hunting, and his vehicle became stuck thanks to recent heavy rainfall. Another truck was called in to help pull them out, only to get stuck as well. The same is said to have happened with a third truck, before a wrecker was called to assist.

At least two vehicles were reportedly pulled from the cemetery with a tractor but the third, a black Chevy Silverado, remains stuck at the cemetery as of 3:50 p.m. on Monday. Its unknown if the Silverado is sitting on a grave site or headstone due to its current condition.

It is also unclear as to whether the first vehicle kept to the cemetery’s designated pathways, but witnesses say that at least one of the vehicles did indeed drive over “several flat headstones and grave sites”.

Last week, video surfaced of a man observing the aftermath as one black Silverado remained stuck in the mud:

A family member says the individuals have reached out and offered their apologies and willingness to make any needed repairs to the cemetery. Those family members are now hoping for kept promises and a restored resting place for their loved ones.


No word yet on whether they caught ’em all.

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