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Truck Maintenance Plan - Input Requested

So, it looks like I can actually do some work on the truck this spring and drive it this summer. Thank god for bonuses. Can Oppo opine on the work planned and what, in their opinion the cost maybe as well as anything I missed and should do?

Keep in mind, I have no garage, and really only a socket set for tools. I have no storage space for any additional tools. Also, the truck doesn’t live at my townhouse.

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Spark Plugs (pg. 1-33, section 46) - 6x sparkplugs
Replace PCV Valve? - PCV valve, possible vacuum hose?
Inspect Distributor Cap and Rotor - replace if needed
Change Oil, Oil Filter - oil and filter
Change Fuel Filter (pg. 1-33, section 43) - fuel filter
Check Power Steering Fluid
Check Brake Fluid
Check Coolant (pg. 1-14, section 10)
Clean Crankcase inlet filter (pg. 1-32, section 42)
Replace Drivebelt (pg. 1-20, section 24) - drivebelt
Wiper replacement (pg. 1-15, section 12) - wipers
Check transmission fluid (pg. 1-11, section 6)



Chassis Lubrication
Brake check (lines, discs, drums)
Timing Check
Battery cable replacement
Quote exhaust system if possible? - no cat/no muffler/straight pipe
Change diff lube?
General check/recommendations

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