I’ve been toying with the idea of picking up a beater truck as a replacement for the BMW. Owning 3 cars when my primary mode of transportation is a motorcycle feels a little silly and the BMW doesn’t get driven all that much. I need something with a little more carrying capacity (for those that do not know, the E39 does not have fold down rear seats :/ ) for hauling awkward/dirty/heavy stuff to and from my house and towing the racecar (my Lemons team has been street driving the damn thing to events). As a bonus, and the reason I’m leaning a little more towards a truck than an SUV, I’d be able to move motorcycles without much extra effort. Don’t really care about features or fuel economy, just manual transmission (because I’m not a monster) and reliability

Right now I’m thinking the right move is a mid 90's F series. Both the 4.9 i6 and the early 7.3 Powerstrokes appear to be almost un-killable and both offer all the capability I’d require and more. Plus in some weird way, i kinda like the way they look.

Any other things I should be looking at? I know similar era Toyotas are about as bulletproof, but I’d worry they didn’t have the towing capacity for a racecar and trailer. Plus they command a pretty heavy price premium here in the northwest. I see old Nissan and Mitsubishi trucks around a lot, but they, like the Toyotas, would be a little strung out pulling a trailer. I do not really see a lot of other older domestics still running around, not sure if that’s indicative of poorer reliability, or simply selling less.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Requirements are as follows:

1. Ability to transport motorcycles, I do this a couple times a month so renting has quickly become expensive


2. Manual Transmission

3. Ability to tow ~5000lbs

4. Reliable

5. Cheap, ideally less than $3k