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Truck or Wagoneer for "Winter Beater"

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I live in Michigan and daily a Saab 9-3 Aero Wagon, which is great and generally does quite well in the snow. I drive 80+ miles a day to work and back and have been told this winter is expected to be quite nasty. I’ve decided it would be nice to get a 4x4 vehicle for snow and also trips to lowes for sheets of wood and whatnot(which I do on the regular). I currently have an 8x10 trailer that I hook to my wife’s Explorer but if I could avoid using her nicer vehicle to do the job of lugging dirty work stuff around I can sell her.


All that said, I see the pros of a Wagoneer mostly being bad-fucking-ass, cushy ride for my long commute, and room for my 3 kids and 2 dogs if I ever need to bring them on an errand. I’ve always liked them and if I ever decide to finish my current resto project I could see restoring a Wagoneer next.

I see the pros of a truck when hauling stuff like rocks, dirt, landscaping materials, heavy car parts. I am restoring a 66 Dodge Coronet so who knows when I’ll need to throw heavy, nasty greasy stufff in the bed... BUT I do still have the trailer so I could just hook that up to the Waggy. Anyway, I need your thoughts.


Also, I’m in Michigan so rust is going to be on EVERYTHING at that price point and for a beater I really could care less as long as its not dangerous to drive.

Here is a Wagoneer close to me and here is a truck I’ve been eyeing. Trying to keep it to around 1500 or less, yes I realize the Wagoneer is more.


And here is a truck I saw posted just a bit ago that piqued my interest:


I need your opinions!

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