So I’ve been looking at trucks recently aiming to upgrade my daily/tow vehicle. I’ve been looking at some gas but mostly diesels and trying to stay under $20k, which means looking at either higher mileage or older trucks. I’ve been looking at dealers exclusively because I knew I’d need a loan, but what I had no idea about was that banks get really particular about loans for used vehicles that are older or have high miles even if from a dealer (and even if a diesel is just getting broken in at that mileage). My wife and I both liked a truck and started looking into purchasing it, well the only loan we could get was for a short term at high interest meaning payments per month were much more than we were comfortable with.

It makes sense since it is a higher risk loan. But then it doesn’t make sense at the same time to me. I mean, I could go buy a brand new truck off the lot with a higher payment per month and I’d be able to get a loan no problem. Oh well, guess we’ll wait a little longer, there’s always another truck.

Have a long and low square body for your time