Some rusty metal courtesy of a google search

Looked at two Rangers after work today. One was super rusty (didn’t even take it for a drive, way rustier than I’m looking to get in to), the other on the cusp of what I’d consider too rusty; had some in the usual spots (cab corners, bottom of doors, etc) and a few weird bubbly spots. Drove really well, though.

I may call a guy whose ad I’ve seen to set up to look at that one soon, he claims no rust but we know how that goes - around here it’s not if there’s rust, it’s a question of how much. Maybe it’s from out of state, we’ll see. With the amount of stuff going on at work, I don’t really have time anytime soon to head way out of town to check something out (i.e. I can’t take time off, at least in the next few weeks) so I’m looking locally for now. I’m suspecting that to find a decent truck in my price range, I’m going to have to take a road trip. Again.