And by truck, I mean a CUV with a bed, ultimate Chick-up truck, the Honda Ridgeline.

I took my wife to a Honda/Acura dealership today. I had to bribe her with a visit to the Tree Farm to get some grapes for her dad for his Father’s Day gift. We get there, and as expected, she loves the 2019+ RDX A-Spec, but those are $35k+ and we don’t want to spend that much.


We drove a 2017 RDX AWD base, and it’s fine, and it only has 17k miles for $24000. Plenty of room, doesn’t feel nearly like a coffin compared to the GS350. It’s decently quick in the S mode and just fine when in D. We both like the regular shifter and regular access to the climate control and radio. It’s silver, so the Acura beak just blends in.

Next up, a 2017 MDX. Hated it. It drove well enough, but buttons for transmission were strike one, and climate controls in a menu on the screen were strike two. Plus, it was smoked in. Yuck. Out!


As we’re walking around the dealership, my wife sees a 2019 Honda Ridgeline RTL-T. Trim doesn’t even exist for 2020, but it has everything we want - non black leather seats , cool tailgate, Apple car play integration, and my wife can play “farmer” with her garden. We took it for a spin, and guess what vehicle is #1 on my list to look for? Yup, a non-pickup pickup from Honda. It’s comfy, plenty of room, modern, reliable, but if you’ve read any of my previous posts, my choices were much different.

On the plus side - I get to buy an Abarth in 2 years or so. This will my wife’s vehicle, so she can do whatever she wants.


Now, to hunt a deal - $30000 seem to be the going price. 

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