This past weekend

Some long winded ramblings on my truck, how I got it, how it factors into my life and relationship. I dunno, I’m not a great writer, but hopefully it is interesting to someone out there (I know it’s long).

As many of you know, I registered, insured and drove my truck for the first time this past weekend (November 11, 2017). I had not driven it since August 23, 2013, the day I got married. It’s been an amazing weekend, reliving many memories and good times from before my wife and I got married.


The truck still drives like it did back then, and smells the same too. It really is a five senses experience as we chug along, the noise of the air moving past and the engine surging fill the cabin along with the smell of oil and exhaust, so strong, you can taste it.

Back in my high school days

The rust has gotten a little worse in some places, but from 5mph or 5 feet away, the truck looks pretty sharp still.

I technically got the truck when I was in Grade 7 (2005), when my Grandma passed away. It was hers, although she hadn’t driven it for about 15 years at that point. My grandparents on that side were not well off, the truck is all I have to remember them. My dad and I spent good times fixing it up and turning it into what it is today, lots of junkyard visits and wrenching. Almost every part on the exterior is either new or off a different truck.

When I first got the truck, it was not well taken care of.

I officially got the truck when I was 17 and had my “Novice” drivers license. I took my then girlfriend (now wife) out for the first time in it the day I got my license. Since then, all of our major relationship moments have been in the truck, both good and bad. It took us on our first trips away from home, many dates and carried our Ikea furniture home weeks before our wedding.


I got married at 21 on August 23, 2013 and got handed the keys to a 2006 Mazda6 as a wedding gift. Life just kinda ramped up from there with a career, schooling and buying our first home.


The truck’s sat ever since my wedding day. Until Saturday, November 11, 2017 when that Slant 6 fired back up again and resumed its duty, taking my wife and I on a date.

The truck on my wedding day

Lots has changed since I last drove it. I have more time and money these days, hopefully the truck can rejoin my wife and I as a part of the family once more.

November 2017

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