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Truck Stuff

Did some truck stuff this weekend. I’ve been selling off a few of my bikes and one of my old trucks in an effort to free up some space, time, and money to use towards something fun.

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Figuring out what to do with the money has been surprisingly difficult, but I’ve somewhat committed to spending at least some of it on getting started on my 1950 Ford F3 project truck. So this weekend I did just that, I picked up an engine hoist that was on sale, and loaded up the 300 six that’s been sitting in dad’s garage for a year and finally brought it home, along with the hoist, engine stand, and a full set of wheels. This is why I like trucks, so much room for activities!

Final tear down and assessment of the engine should hopefully happen in the next couple days. Initial impressions aren’t great, it’s already a re-man motor with two or three brands of pistons (one of them broken), silicone caulk on nearly every gasket surface, a broken intake, and exhaust manifold, and one rocker stud that’s bigger than all of the others. Supposedly the guy drove it home though, said it smoked but otherwise ran ok. At the end of the day I’m only into the motor and 4 speed trans for $200 so not a major loss if I have to turn it into a table.

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