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In early July I bought myself a new pick-em-up and just for fun I’m trying to recall all of the “real truck” truck stuff I’ve done trucked this year.


Hauled 2 tons of rock w/ trailer

Hauled an additional 1 ton of rock w/ trailer

Haul empty boat trailer to lake, then haul empty jetski trailer to lake, haul boat back to farm. All for parents friends who were out of town and needed to get the boats off the water due to weather.

Full bed of grass clippings to the city compost pile.

Haul old truck to friends farm roughly 60 miles away for storin’.

Haul dirt bike and trailer ATV to the Black Hills and back.

Haul the now broken dirtbike chassis to the wash.

Haul 3 wheelers and dirtbike to parents acreage on various occasions.

I’ve taken it on a few different trips now where the truck wasn’t needed, but was nice to have for the space and weather capabilities.


Of course there were quite a few truckin things I did with my old truck, before new truck, and there’s generally a few atv outings in the winter, but for six months of ownership I’m happy with the amount of truckin the new truck has trucked.

And before anyone tries to shame me for livin that truck life, I still daily the soul sucking Cobalt, and ride the bikes every day I can. The truck sits most days of the week and I only drive it on the weekends, or when I need to actually haul something. Still though, if it wasn’t so damn expensive and trying to be conscious about climate change, you bet your but I’d daily it.

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