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Truck Swapping Saga Vol. 2

A few people chuckled when I listed my Tacoma, all the way back in May, for 30K. I did know what I had, as it turns out. After waffling for months and reaching the final straw on a camping trip this past weekend, yesterday I re-listed my Tacoma. At the new low, low price of $28,500. When I listed it at $30,000 I believed the truck to be worth about $26K-27K. I even said so back then.


Huzer called it though. With prescient knowledge of the Colorado Tacoma market, he deemed $30K high with $28K solidly in the NP range even with the repaired hail damage. I did do some basic research/price comparisons. There were no TRD Sport Tacomas under 30K, 2016+, in the Denver metro area when I listed it yesterday. A few were around $31-$32K despite having ~45K miles


I had 3 real buyers. Several emails and texts of non-serious buyers, but I don’t count those. Two out of the three scheduled times to see it on the first day. The third one lost out due to playing phone tag all afternoon. The first one to see it bought it. I texted the later appointment to tell them not to come.

The Tacoma went from listed to sold in under six hours. I shook hands at $28,300 and I am meeting the buyer at his bank over lunch. For those of you keeping score at home, I purchased the Tacoma new in February of 2016. I bought it at $32,500 with an MSRP of $33,859. Depending on how you want to slice it, that means and average Tacoma, with a few scratches and a door ding or two was worth 84-87% of what it was when new, after 4.5 years and 60,000 miles. That translates to 13%-16% depreciation, roughly 2.9-3.5% per year at 13K miles per year.

Stay tuned for the ongoing volumes of Future Next Gen S2000's truck swapping saga.

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