No FWD here, I promise. It’s all RWD sports cars, and a truck or two.

Snow tires (General Altimax Arctic) have shipped from Tire Rack, and although the formerly-expected 5 inches are now off the menu for next weekend, who knows what tomorrow will bring in the way of oversalting, ice, and unexpected snowstorms — so I took Tintaglia out for what may be a season swan song.

I normally drive these roads in the wee hours of the morning. I bought the S2000 in November, so it’s always been in darkness. This was a nice daylight treat.

On the way up, some ass in a Lancer cut me off. I could see he was trying to make Tintaglia his second victim; there are already gouges on the driver’s side.

Then, truck touge! Amazing performance from a box truck who just might have been trying to race. Or insane, or, both. Probably both.


Finishing up with a run on a very beautiful and exciting road in North Jersey.