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Truck update

Called to confirm with the shop what they were doing, what they are there to do, and how much it's gonna cost. Ended up going up by about one bill, so I had to call the financial advisor to confirm the extra cost was doable. She said yes.

So I calls them back and talks to them again. He says 8 hours to get it on the rack, use the hydraulics to pull the mount back out, and reweld. I says "Look man, you know we gots to have it back by Friday yo." He says, that's probably doable but it's probably not going to pass an alignment because there could be other components that need replacing.


I says "Yo dawg, I ain't worried about that shit. I don't have the ability to put the mount back in place and reweld it. I can replace the tie-rod ends and the bushings, and all of that shit. I just needs yous guys to put the damned mount back in place and reweld it. That. Is. All."

He sez to me, he sez "Ok BRAH, no problem!" So I ask again about that deadline. He says "Yeah sure we should have it done sometime Thursday dogg."


So here's hoping they just fix the mount. Here's hoping they understand now exactly what I'm asking for. I'll call 'em again later today for an update.

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