Truck Update Part 5

I was able to finish installing the new brake line and my new master cylinder. I installed a master cylinder out of a 1999+ Chevy 1/2 ton. I have always been concerned about the braking power of my truck. I was pretty sure I would hit someone in a panic stop situation. I even do the brakes hoping to solve the problem but that didn’t do it. I was on some forums and this modification of putting on a newer master cylinder kept coming up so I went for it. The only step above this I guess is to get a hydroboost setup. I really hope this helps. The only modification you have to do to make this for us to buy an adapter for the front brake line that goes from Male 1/2-20 to Female 9/16-18 and bend the brake lines a little because the fittings move back from where they were for the old master. I still have to bleed the whole system and I am hoping I can get away with using my vacuum bleeder. I also pray all the bleeder screws break free. Doggos and kitty for your time.

Bench bleeding in the great outdoors. I really need to finish cleaning my garage.
Bolts right in. Holds a lot more brake fluid. It’s ridiculous.

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