Truck will soon be less gross.

Dropped it off for the interior detail today.

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It drives so smooth. Doesn’t even pull or anything at highway speeds. Sure doesn’t feel like it has 168k on it. Like a rock?

Also, my old school “Hearbeat of America” plate will be here soon. The front plate bracket has some gnarly holes in the bumper behind it so I just got a plate for the front rather than mess with taking it off. Not sure why it’s even there since Kentucky doesn’t require front plates, but whatever.


All that is left to do is figure out why the door speakers aren’t working and an oil pressure sending unit if I feel like fixing that. Right now, the oil pressure gauge is possessed. Works about 40-50% of the time and just spazzes out the rest of the time. Sometimes it just freezes at its farthest point and chills there for a while. GM gauges (“gages”, lol) aren’t known for their accuracy anyway.

It’s still nothing short of a miracle that I found a rust free truck with working a/c, power windows, and four-wheel-drive for a decent price. Trucks are so overpriced around here. It’s obnoxious. The dealer down the road has an ‘01 S10 4x4 for ten grand. Really?

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