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Truck Yeah or Hell Naw?

Since the ‘76 Volvo deal fell though and my Volvo will be officially signed over to the new owner tomorrow, I’m continuing my search for a replacement. Today we have this prime example of ‘Merican practicality.

I’m going to look at this truck in person tonight and honestly have no idea what to look for besides the usual:

  • Does it run?
  • Does it drive?
  • Shift smoothly?
  • Leaking anything?
  • Rust issues?

The truck in question is a 1994 GMC Sierra 1500 with the 4.3L V6 and an automatic, with only 87k miles. From my cursory reading it would seem the 4.3 is a venerable power plant and should be more than enough for anything I need it to do, while getting very ‘meh’ gas mileage. Anyone with experience have some questions I should ask? Things to look for? Price I should shoot for?


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