So I bought a truck. It’s a bit worn out with 306K miles, and a bit GM-y (but that’s part of the charm), but besides that, it’s a truck! And trucks are cool! Mine even has comedy stickers. (Aside: Any suggestions for more comedy stickers?)

So I started out with fixing the blower motor controls. In classic mid 00s GM fashion, the resistor pack had burned out, leaving only one fan speed. I acquired a replacement part, and less than 48 hours later, it failed.


So I’ve decided to make a list of everything that needs doing.

  • Replace the replacement resistor pack
    (if that doesn’t work, replace the blower motor. It’s less than $50)
  • Change the trailer brake controller (should be here Thursday)
  • Replace the instrument cluster (It’s on order at Advance)
  • Re-finish the headlights
    (if that doesn’t work, replace headlights. All the housings are less than $100 total)
  • Find screws for the tail light housings and replace the backup lamp
    (otherwise, new tail light housings)
  • Extract the sheared screw out of the shift lever (Oh yes)


  • Replace screw in shift lever
  • Change the oil and filter
    (Takes 2.5 gallons of oil)
  • Run some diesel kleen/ B20 through the fuel system (and find out if I need to get some Viton O-rings)
  • Change fuel filter
  • Change the coolant (maybe)
  • Change the brake fluid (Smells bad)
  • Change the power steering fluid
  • Take the truck up to RamblinRover and fab/weld a patch for the pickup box floor
  • Possibly do a service on the Allison 1000
  • Maybe do a fluid change on the transfer case
  • See how the differentials are doing
  • Check the brakes

And just maybe after that, I’ll put in a new radio and speakers. I haven’t done a car audio system in about 7-8 years. So I’ll have to find out (or you can tell me) what’s good and what’s not so good.


I think it’s now official. I’ve bought a project truck.