I will soon be in the market for a used truck. This is something I have wanted and needed for some time, but then we added a 6lb 10oz variable last year. Suddenly I need something that can not only haul a bunch of stuff, but also a child (preferably in a safe, child seat-friendly way. Seeing as how this is one of the best places I have found to find knowledgeable car people, I thought I could ask what everyone's best ideas are.

My requirements are: 4 doors (for the aforementioned kid,) 4x4 (it just needs to be competent in snow for a few months a year, and the occasional muddy field,) and in the 10K ballpark used. Reliability is also a big must for me, as this will become a DD. I'd love a manual, but that may be a pipe dream with my other requirements. I prefer a short bed, but I'm not too picky here.

I figure that I'm not the only guy who has this type of need, so it would potentially be a collection of posts useful for other similar Jalop-dads. So what are everyone's thoughts?

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