Let me introduce you to my beautiful (albeit corrupt) country, Indonesia. She is an archipelago, and the bulk of the land are large volcanic island. We are agrarian by nature, and some of you might already have been acquainted with the infamous Bali island. Although there are 17,507 more islands to visit, for those travelholics. Trucks are pretty much primary mode of transportation used here to deliver goods, and I am always fascinated by my country’s truckers.

I believe some of, if not all, our South East Asian Jalops here share the same sentiment towards you Americans in terms of point of view to trucks. IDK if it’s just a false stereotype caused by too much internet, but apparently you Americans like these:

  • more power
  • more displacement
  • more smoke
  • more .. bro ?
  • buzzwords (hint: EcoBoost, tow rating, etc)

(I’d be happy if someone can correct/clarify, of course :)

So let me introduce you to my country’s truckers’ life. These are their real lives, along with included occupational hazards associated and (a lot of) elbow grease, guts, and stamina needed to accomplish their job with whatever they had in hand. All with manual transmission, I must add.


(Not that I didn’t appreciate truckers from anywhere else in the world, of course. Truckers’ job by nature is challenging, I salute you guys.)

Also credits where it’s due. Hat tips for those Japanese automakers.

So .. Let’s begin, I’ll start with pictures first and then YouTube :

oops, not truck, sorry :)


Special mention because this is Oppo: Mitsubishi Colt T120SS, 1.5l 4G93 engine (yeah, the sister engine of Mitsubishi Evo, the shitbox/econobox Lancer engine)


(action at 0:20 for above)

Bonus: Power !!