Truck shopping has become my favorite pastime the last few days. I looked at a ‘96 F250 diesel that I couldn’t drive because the brakes sucked, then yesterday I looked at an ‘01 F250 diesel that I liked but can’t use to replace my car because it’s a supercab, not a crew cab, and we haz baby.

So I started looking for something that would just replace my truck, and I found something kinda awesome:

‘89 F350, regular cab, dually. 460, automatic, allegedly totally rust free...which is kinda unheard of where I live. It’s also driveable and very short money.

I’d like a diesel, but I don’t actually need one, I just like the clatter. I’ve never had a big block, so that’s kinda cool, and I think it’s a pretty good looking truck. Also, combined with my blue P71, it’ll look like a giant American flag when they’re parked together.


Hopefully the rain mostly holds off today so I can see it today. If it's pretty good, it's likely that I'll buy it, given the cost.