I was really pumped for the Colorado-Canyon coming out, so pumped that I didn't buy an MX-5 (this is actually true) so I then didn't go and throw a good chunk of my 'car fund' at a 18 year old car that would serve track duty and not much else. I decided to be sensible and wait for the truck, but not the diesel, that kind of waiting is just too much and diesel prices in Ontario have jumped 10cents per litre more than regular 87 (up until recently it was cheaper).
So the 3.6L Canyon.

See, I'm going to be buying a house - my first house, likely next spring, but in house-financial timeline that's pretty soon, so I need to be smart about vehicle purchase(s). The goal is to not end up living in an 18 year old MX-5. Like most things 18 year olds, fun, just not practical.

But now that things have settled, I don't know. Trucks get expensive quick. Crew cab, leather, 4x4, G80 auto-locking diff, I'd want the AutoTrac (automatic 4x4, fyi) but that probably only comes with Z71 or some other equally or more expensive off-road package. Suddenly my mid-size 80% of a full-size truck is probably going to be $40k plus 13% tax (or more FFS). Yaya, I'll wait and see once GMC puts the configurator and pricing online before I get completely butt hurt over it.

Another thing: buying a vehicle new. Typically not the best idea from a depreciation standpoint. So leasing? Great in theory up until I don't own the vehicle, and what about upgrading a leased truck with after market bro-swag. I need my bro-swag!

The idea was get a truck that is comfortable with luxuries, and seats assholes (my friends.. me) like a car, can tow a 19ft Bayliner which is currently engine free, get decent quarts per hectare, and have decent power. This IS the Canyon.


But there comes a point where I say "fuck it" and buy a CTS Coupe next Tuesday and buy a something like 12 year old reg-cab short box later for my towing and truck needs. Then of course quickly realize that insurance in Ontario is eating me alive with two vehicles.

Are we still thinking the new GM mid-sizers actually the deal and gift we think they are going to be? For some reason when the Canyon made it's debut my excited, and therefore irrational mind, figured I'd get what I want for $30,000.
Reality is likely that if I optioned a 4.3L Sierra how I want, knock off $5000 and there's the Canyon.


Actually that's exactly how it is.