True story of the Tacoma Tax

Side damage mostly from rolling in its side. No interior carpet, some mildew.

Long story short I personally saw this truck sell for $2000 dollars. It was in worse condition than it looks.

A power buy on my brothers part. 270k clean title (somehow) 4 cylinder manual that had been t-boned at the rear axle. Ended up bending the axle pretty bad aswell as rupturing the fuel tank. He had me put a new fuel tank in and replace the leaf springs(which got wrenched on impact) with some from a newer Tacoma so they fit just perfect.


Turned out the frame was also very bent and the axle Sat a couple inches to the right. The axle was so bent that the diff was howling at 10 mph.

Someone picked it up at night with plans to take it across South America or something to that effect, felt kinda bad for them. But then again nothing was really hidden it was just overpriced and a few things not mentioned.

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