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The Trump administration’s 3 main arguments for cutting back fuel economy standards are pretty childish at best

- People will drive more if their cars are too fuel efficient: So we’re really doing them a favor and saving their lives by making them buy less efficient cars! So much for the American ideal of Freedom and being able to go wherever whenever you want, am I right?!


- Fuel efficient cars are more expensive, so people will upgrade cars less frequently: We need to sell them cheaper cars to save their lives!...except when we’re making cars more expensive for them across the board to stick it to them big bad commie furrners trying to stick it to us!

- Fuel efficient cars are lighter, so that makes them less safe: As jalops we should all know what utter horseshit this is. Lighter cars are typically more nimble and have better braking capability. Not only that, if cars across the board are getting lighter then the weight differentials between cars getting in to accidents with each other should pretty much be a wash, no? Also, newer cars whether lighter or not will be safer due to improvements in crumple zones technology, driver aids, etc.


At the end of the day this just comes off as half-baked BS reasoning they pulled together to justify deregulation goals that they can use to be seen as “business friendly” and maybe show some short-term economic benefits with, while screwing us all royally in the long run. But who cares, someone else will be in power when this all comes back to haunt us so there’ll be a convenient “other” to blame.

Also all this just reeks of weakness – wasn’t MAGA supposed to be the exact opposite of that? Oh us poor americans…we need to be protected from driving too much having more efficient cars! Or we need to hold back innovation so people can afford to buy new cars still. Isn’t the 2020 Trump campaign slogan “Keep America Great!”? Doesn’t sound like we’re quite there yet if industry needs to be coddled instead of challenged to go above and beyond, and our populace is so fragile that it can afford only vehicles built to lower standards than the rest of the developed world. I thought we’re all swimming in it now thanks to tax cuts?!

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