Good bye free will and having an accurate perception of the world.

TL;DW- Activation patented a new profiling system determine your play style and skill. Then set you up to get rekt by better players until you buy something in game (real money) then it’ll put you up against worse players so you’ll think the purchase was worth it.

Now I know it’s a video game. But just wait until shit like this is all around us. There’s already an argument that facebook and YouTube algorithms are created “Echo Chambers” and there’s already been some sketchy shit associated with targeted advertising. (I don’t remember the source, but remember reading that in another country. Some company was caught specifically advertising to Bipolar people when they were on their up swings, or whatever they’re called. When they knew they’d be much more likely to impulse by.)

Edit: Also way to go side bar. At least only show stuff that’s not on the first page.