If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Try to calculate the smiles per gallon present in this photo

Serious question. The F20c engine in the S2k is widely regarded as one of the greatest engines of modern automotive history. For good reason. Insanely high revs, a huge power to liter ratio, plenty of character and fantastic reliability. Why did Honda never put it in any other car..? Would it still be possible?

Beautiful car, with tasteful modifications, but I think I win the rollbar comparison...
Two of the most ubiquitous wheel styles, 6ul’s and Rpf1's. Both class leaders in terms of weight, and strength.

Also, having just driven an S2000 for a solid day I’ve come to a tough conclusion... And that is that there’s no way I could decide between a NA8 Miata and a 1st gen S2k.They’re both currently tied in 1st for my roadster list, with the M roadster 3rd, NB and ND tied in 4th, Fiata 6th, NC 7th, and non M BMW roadsters so far down the list it’s almost embarrassing to mention it here. I love the solstice, sky, etc. But I consider them a slightly different class based on size. Also I don’t want to redo my list.

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