After all these years, I think I may be finally getting the hang of SketchUp
Illustration: for Michigan

The layout of my new bedroom doesn’t fit my old nightstands (which are actually just re-purposed end tables), so I need some low-profile replacements. I figure my options are new, used, or build my own.

As far as the first two options go, none of the flat-pack stuff at any of the local big box stores appealed to me. I struck out at the local furniture resale shop, too. Everything was old enough to be outdated, but not old enough to be cool. 

Based on a little bit of research, I think I can build my design pictured above out of red oak for about the same price as the better flat-pack options. A friend of mine even just bought a pocket hole jig that I could borrow to put it all together.

Based on my research for finishes, I think I’m going to give India Ink a shot. Seems like the surest way to get a deep, even black without resorting to paint, which I would rather avoid since I’m spending the money to build it out of oak. I may even go with a natural top to show it off.