Trying the hairdryer trick [update 2 - idea?]

[Update 2]

New idea - there are two 3" diameter dust caps that give access to the lights on the back of the housing. In the picture the hair dryer is sticking into the lower one, and you can see the back of the HID pack where the upper one if off.


I’m thinking about drilling / cutting a reasonable sized hole in one and then covering it with something that will allow moisture / air out but not dust in. I think it should be high temp and flame resistant, just to be safe. Ideas on a material (hopefully one that I could find easily or have around the house)?

Then tape it on with electrical tape and see how that does.  I figure if my other option is replacing the whole thing there is no risk in cutting up the existing one.



Well, that didn’t even last 12 hours. Now to decide if I try to take it off and try to find the what is likely a tiny crack, or just order a new one so I only have to do the disassembly-reassembly once. Looks to be about $870 because it comes as an assembly with the LED’s and HID included with the enclosure.



To remove the condensation from my headlight. Updates to come later.

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