Its actually not me, but a guy in my Camaro club, wants this G8 as a daily… the listing is from Craigslist, here is the full story my friend sent me…

"Im picking up a G8 as a daily driver. Found one online that Im going to buy on Saturday if all is ok.

Its a woman's car- her son posted it for her. He sent me pics of it inside and out, and the plate is showing in all of the exterior pics. I don't think its a fake posting, because based on the research Ive done on the car so far, it seems to be checking out with all the facts he has told me so far.

I texted him twice today to get the vin number, and he hasn't responded to that question specifically, even though he has texted me back about other questions. So that fact alone is making me think theres something in the history that they're trying to hide.

I know car fax you can do lookups by plate number, and when I type it in, it does show as an 08 G8, so it will work."


Rhode Island plate: YK-78

Is there a way to look up a cars vin from a plate number? I work at a Chevy dealer so I can run the vin, but I don't know if I can run a plate to get a vin.


personally, I'm wary of high dollar cars like this from CL.


Thanks Opponauts!