After a cranky day yesterday, trying to have a better approach to today. I am a firm believer in our ability to shape the quality of our experiences by focusing our mindset. So I challenge myself not to adopt a negative view of things to come, which can be challenging. Yesterday was an everything goes wrong day from mistakenly draining the battery on the Sunchaser to an attorney not understanding that catching up on Saturday does not mean you don’t have to use a sick day when you called in on Friday to my office move being indefinitely delayed because PG&E crews can’t turn on the power because fires to dealing with a deadbeat client and so on.

My father was a well of folk wisdom. When bad things happened, he would speak of what he called the “downward spiral,” where he claimed you had to go down 3 turns before you could go back up. It was a tool of acceptance that enabled him to shrug of the bad and move forward to better things. It’s nice, but I am a little more stubborn than the old man was, and demand a little more control of my outcomes.


So I am sitting here working on a positive view of these events and the day ahead. I have been trying to move for 2 years, so a little more delay won’t kill me. I get to interview an intriguing attorney candidate today, and I intend to have a productive case review meeting with my team. I have a conference call on an interesting case where I am an expert witness, and a client meeting with one of my favorite clients who has a problem I know how to solve.

Even just writing about it here I can get myself excited about the day, when my brain wanted to approach it with dread. Stupid brain needs to be trained. Once I flip that switch, my idle thoughts tend to focus on the good things that are happening, and the negatives fade to the background. Every day there are shitty problems, and tomorrow there will be more. I will deal with those as I have to - no need to obsess on them. But every day also has good things, and by making those the forefront of my mental noise I can make my experience of the day better.


It may be a silly mental trick, but it works for me. I feel better about today already.

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