In in Monterey for court tomorrow - mandatory settlement conference. From a money standpoint, this is the biggest case I have ever handled. I think it is not going to settle, and some shit is going to go down. I can’t see a clear road to a solution.

I am enjoying a lovely dinner at Cibo, a nice Monterey fixture. Toby is not with me - no place to put him during court. Times like this I realize that I have become very dependent on him since the heart attack, and having him with me calms me down. I am stressed about this case, bit my tactics have been sound. It played out better than I could have imagined in some ways. But it remains messy and high stakes.


I stayed at a different hotel than usual - the Marriott. It is ok, but needs upgrades. Enjoying some live jazz.


I forgot to mention that the judge and the opposing attorney hate me. So a normal day.

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